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Trinity works in a variety of contexts to help bring God’s Kingdom a little closer to home. Here is just a brief overview of some of the more programmatic things Trinity is doing throughout the year:

Trinity Place

In the late 1980s, Rev. John Herman undertook a needs assessment of senior’s services in the North West of London and found many seniors were needing an affordable place to live which provided services that allowed them to age in place. Over the last 20 years, many seniors have made use of the variety of services offered by Trinity, including security checks, annual cleans, congregate dining, and recreational opportunities. Trinity Place is overseen by a volunteer board made up of congregation members and tenants.

Food For Thought

Originally conceived by Bill Kinchlea over 20 years ago, Food for Thought is a collaborative breakfast program dedicated to making sure that any students of Wilfrid Jury Public School that need a good breakfast in the morning will get one. Working alongside school staff and other church volunteers, Trinity helped serve breakfast 5 times a week from 8 to 8:45 am. For more information about Food for Thought, check out the Food for Thought Facebook Page.

This program was considered so successful, that it was taken over by the administration at Wilfrid Jury and the school board a few years ago.

Friday Night Sports

Nearly every Friday night, one or more of our leaders organizes a sports time, generally from 7pm to 9pm at or around the MPR. Currently we have two programs running:

  • In the Summer, we have an all-ages bbq and volleyball game on the lawn between the church buildings. The community is invited to come and enjoy some burgers and hot dogs and play some volleyball and impromptu water sports, given the relative temperature and humidity of the day.
  • During the rest of the year, we have an ages 14+ (and we do mean plus!) game of floor hockey that happens in the MPR. Bring your game face, because it gets intense!
If you’d like to learn more about sports nights, please contact us.

Small Groups

Trinity has various ongoing small groups that meet throughout the month, each with their own purpose and scope. From choral group singing practices to traditional bible studies to bi-weekly talks of culture and politics, Trinity’s members like to meet with each other and edify each other throughout the month outside of regular Sunday morning meeting times. To learn more about our Small Groups, contact us.

Coffee House

About 4 times a year, Trinity organizes a Coffee House to raise money for its sponsor children through Compassion Canada and Christian Children’s Fund of Canada. This event is open to the whole community and features amazing musicians and performers performing a variety of material, though mostly focusing on music. There’s almost always something for everyone, and if the acts don’t bring you, the excellent food, organized by Trinity’s Youth, certainly will. Seriously, the inside-out pizzas are the totally worth the price of admission. For more information on the next Coffee House, please keep an eye on our news page.

Operation Christmas Child

Every Fall, Trinity participates in Operation Christmas Child, a program whose purpose is to bring Christmas gifts to children all over the world who may not have had the opportunity to ever receive such a gift. Trinity gets together and spends a Sunday in November together putting as many boxes as possible for the drive, creating a rushed, hectic, but altogether joyful atmosphere along with a wonderful potluck lunch. Last year, we packed 132 boxes, and hope to break that record this year! To find out when Trinity is having its packing party, stay tuned to our news page.

Part of God's People

Trinity Community Church is dedicated to reaching out to the community of North West London and being there for people when they need them.

Services happen every Sunday, starting at 10:30 am until 12 pm.


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